Wednesday, April 30, 2008

What's next

Margaret emailed me today. Basically Janne's looked at his calendar and he is really swamped with work. Many of his other projects are suffering delays of some sort (imagine that!) and his schedule is very tight.

Janne is still willing to do the foundations at some point but he suggested perhaps I contact Janne W. (aka Willie), our home builder, to see if he could do that work as it might be easier for everyone. So I called Willie and he will look at his schedule to see if he could do that work in advance of the home construction, which he's set for on August 5. I also sent him all the drawings.

Our Janne would still get the electricity and water in place, and he'll probably continue to do a hundred other small things that I haven't noticed or fully appreciated yet.

I'll update after I talk with Willie next week.

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