Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Final

Dima Bilan of Russia was voted the winner. My friends Craig and Andy correctly picked it. (Craig, amazingly enough, did so before the competition itself, based on performance order and political grounds). Andy, at least, is a professional musician so he had some basis for choosing (not that musicianship counts for much in the Eurovision!)

Although I liked Greece, as I posted before, I picked Turkey on the night. I was pretty close; Greece was third and Turkey fifth (I think). But no winner.

The French performance was bizarre. Their video was great but on the night it was just weird. Lots of fake beards, for one. Charlotte Perelli didn't fare too well; I still think her performance was much better in the melodifestival. The poor UK came in last, undeservedly so. I really liked their song.

So now back to the work of house-building in the archipelago!


Anonymous said...

How was Terry Wogan's commentary?
Used to be my favorite part of the whole deal.../M

Don said...

Sir Terry was in fine form indeed. But he was cranky this morning, saying voting had become too political and he might not be back next year. Say it ain't so!