Saturday, November 14, 2009

A quiet week

I'm afraid we're entering the winter lull, at least as far as the stuga goes. But there are a few things to report:
  • Ulrika has our loan papers back and we should have the money deposited next week. That's good, because I owe both Anders and Jasper a balance for their work.
  • I've analysed my electrical bills over the past 9 months. The cost of electricity, including all connection charges and taxes, is about 15kr per day. The electricity itself is 8.20kr, although with my new contract, it'll be about 5.90 a day going forward.
  • My original estimate of the Cinderella's cost of 3kr per 'flush' appears to be correct. Half of that is electricity and half is the cost of the paper filter.
  • And, lastly, my mother's recovery is going well. She should be back home next Thursday.