Friday, December 18, 2009


Margaret wrote last night that Stockholm's been hit by the first big snow of the season; Janne reported Aspö received over 25cm. I found this webcam shot of the snow from the personal website of a Stavsnäs resident. (In fact, that site has a lot of goodies on it, I'll put up a permanent link).

Anyways, Janne's water has frozen at his house, which worries me a tiny bit; after all, if his water has frozen, what about ours in an empty house? I spoke to him last night, and he is going to double-check our place today and report back tonight if he sees any trouble.

In related news, I'm planning a quick island visit in late January (on an interesting itinerary, more on that later). Janne and Ronnie will be away by then, so I promised I'd check up on their houses in a rare role-reversal!

UPDATE: Janne trudged through the snow to check out our house and all was well. Phew!