Saturday, August 14, 2010

We're Here!

The flight into Stockholm was great, and with only a bit of confusion, we made our experimental train connection to Marcia & Rutger's. It worked as advertised, and it was only 60 kronor, a lot cheaper than the airport bus.

One wrinkle is that it's hot here, much warmer than we expected. I think it's in the high 80's and muggy and I was expecting 20 degrees less. Rutger lent me a pair of his shorts but they're a tight fit, to say the least.

The big neighborhood party is about to start so I must go. More tomorrow.

UPDATE: The City match was on TV here! So I watched us draw 0-0. Frankly, I'm happy with that.


Anonymous said...

Where are the shorts to tight??!

Don said...

Although it's hard to believe by looking at us, Rutger's waist is a couple of inches smaller than mine.

Marcia said...

Just to get rid of any confusion.. it wasn't a neighborhood party, it was the Wilhelmi annual bbq :-)