Saturday, November 20, 2010

Further Fungus Follow-ups

Stefan sent me a informative reply, which I can boil down to:
  • Our spots are fungus, caused mostly by exposure to a humid environment
  • The jarn vitrol colors the wood but doesn't protect it from fungus, algae, etc.
  • The splotches are cosmetic and do not impact the structure of the wood at all
  • His own house has a few areas much like mine
  • There's a specific product I can use to remove the fungus if I wish
  • Stefan provided me the name and phone number of his fungus advisor and I've asked Rutger to give him a call on my behalf
I also received an email from Scott Hedges, a contributor to the LamiDesign blog. His advice was much like Stefan's, and he gave me some specific advice on what kind of paint/stain product I might use.

So the bottom line is that we don't have to do anything at all, the problem is just cosmetic. If we want a different look (other than splotchy), we'll need to paint. We might need to treat the house before painting; that's still an open question. But at least we have a good line to get a final answer on procedures and products.

UPDATE 1: Rutger spoke to one expert today who said it's very hard to tell if we killed the fungus with our previous treatment in September, and in any case, it could well regrow by next spring anyways. We can leave it and see how the house looks next year with no harm, but if we want to paint, we should scrub it again before painting. The good news it's only the one exposure of the house, not the whole thing.

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Margaret said...

I'd still have it tested...fungus is fungus, not just cosmetic. Better to be safe before sealing it all up with paint. You want to think of re-sale value as well. Just my humble opinion.