Saturday, March 26, 2011

UK Eurovision is Blue

No, I'm not describing the color or the mood; I'm referring to the boy band 'Blue', who are performing the UK's entry for Eurovision this year.

Blue were very popular in the UK from 2001-2005, split up, and reunited last year. There's a bit of debate in the country over the question of performing for Eurovision: would it help or hurt a 'serious' artist's career?

In the rest of Europe, it's not a critical question, but being from a country that produced the likes of the Beatles, the Stones, the Clash, and Radiohead...well, let's just say that puts a lot of pressure on the boys from Blue. I think they'll be OK if they get a respectable score in the contest. But if it's nul points, then I think it's bad news for their comeback.

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Marcia said...

Well, Sweden might not win, but the UK won't for sure either ;-)