Tuesday, April 12, 2011

We're getting closer!

Not just in the sense that it's now less than three weeks until we leave for Sweden, but also because I just received the 2011 Aspö Sommarguide. This is put out each year by the island's bryggeförening, which translates literally as 'bridge club', but I think it more as the island's resident's association.

The bryggeförening organizes summer activities, including two 'work days' in which residents jointly maintain the path and other common facilities; the big trash pickup days with the recycling boat; the yearly meeting; football matches and sailing lessons, and especially the midsummer celebration itself.

This year, midsummer is exactly on my birthday, a fact of which I plan to remind everyone. The recycling boat arrives on June 18, which is also the day I arrive, but I'll get to Aspö later, after the boat, so Sooz and Grant will be responsible for hauling trash that day. However, I will arrive by that evening's inauguration of the dansbanan, or dance floor, at the big midsummer meadow. After traveling straight in from Texas, I'm not sure what shape my dancing legs will be in, but I'll probably give it a try anyways. Especially if Akvavit is involved.

The other good bit of news is the big island meeting is on July 3; I've missed it the past few years and Sooz has by all accounts been very charming in representing us. This year I get to be there myself. I'll try to keep up the family reputation!

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Anonymous said...

Bryggforening translsates to Dock Association!