Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Eaglet has landed

...that would be Grant, who successfully negotiated the London-to-Aspö trip today. He's safely home with his mother, as well as Marcia, who got to stay another night.

Everyone seemed to have had a good day, from what I could see on our video chats. The girls were sunning during the day and in sweatshirts at night. Ollie and I are sweltering in 100+ temperatures all day, however.

One snag is that the shed is held up in some transport confusion, despite all my careful arrangements. Sooz and Marcia are on the case, although I'm really worried that if delivery is delayed this week, midsummer traffic next week might really screw up my schedule! Let's hope for a good resolution tomorrow.

UPDATE Tuesday- the girls have sorted out the shipping issue and the shed should arrive tomorrow (Wednesday).

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Sooz Langford said...

Thanks to The Girls (Helene at Stavsnas and Sara at Schenker and Marcia,of course) we have got the &*%^$ shed on its way out here today,Thursday. Stay tuned for details on A) transporting the hulk to the hus and B) the building of it!