Saturday, October 29, 2011

Yet another fireplace

I've written a lot about fireplaces in the past. It really is silly to install one right now. We're pretty much going to be at our house only during summertime, so there's no need. The installation needs to be done by an expert and is therefore costly. Having a fireplace also raises my insurance significantly.

All that said, I still want one. Every proper Swedish house has a fireplace and my house is surrounded by free fuel. I came across a Swedish company, Contura, who have a big range of wood burning fireplaces, many of which would look great in our house.

Maybe not now, but one day for sure...


Anonymous said...

Janne points out that a fireplace would also increase your re-sale value!

Marcia said...

And for those of us who do visit your wonderful house in winter a fireplace would be lovely :-)