Friday, November 11, 2011

A Visit!!

During my long 'away period' between this September and next May, I had hoped I could piggyback a visit to Aspö onto one of my business trips into Europe.

I am happy to report that I've had success in that plan, and I will be making a very brief stop into Stockholm, five weeks from today, just before Christmas. I will fly into London on December 15th for an all day meeting, and then onto Stockholm that evening. Early on Friday, the 16th, I'll head out to Aspö for a day trip, then back to Marcia & Rutger's for the night. And it's out early again on Saturday for the long trip back to Texas, hopefully home in time for dinner.

I'll probably be jetlagged out of my gourd, but I will be able to see our house for a day, and my good friends for a night, all for the cost of a £130 round trip on SAS. I think that's well worth it.

UPDATE: The Waxholms winter boat schedules are out (departing, returning) and I can get to Aspö just fine in the morning, but there's no afternoon boat back on Fridays. I could take the scheduled taxi boat at 5:30, but that's going to be a long day out there, especially since the sun will rise at 8:40 and set at 2:47. I might get my own taxi boat in mid-afternoon.

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