Thursday, May 10, 2012

More Logistics

Sooz is in the UK now, enjoying a horsey week with her friends, and then to Sweden next Monday. She will be picking up our halogen lamps and taking them to Sweden with her, but she's leaving behind an extra bag for me to carry, so as to maximize our baggage allowances on the flight from London.

Marcia and Rutger are also in on the act. They've gone to the Systembolaget on Sooz's instructions and come back with a whole load of wine, 18 liters (24 bottles) to be exact. Marcia graciously texted me this picture yesterday.

My favourite picture, though, is my buddy Rutger carrying a case of my beloved Pripps Blå. He is not a big fan of Pripps, so he always finds this errand distasteful. But he does it for me anyways. What a guy!

Now we just have to schlep all this booze out to the house and we'll be all set for the summer.

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