Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Internet service update

I received an update from Nilla, our representative of the broadband club on Nämdö. There was a lot of Swedish to get through, but this is what I understand so far:
  • The cost to wire the Nämdö archipelago for 600 residents is about 48 million kronor- or about 80,000kr ($12,000) per household.
  • The Swedish government has said that all households will have access for roughly the same price, 20-25,000kr.
  • This gap will be met by funds paid by the government (with matching funds from the EU), but the demand for this money is very high. The 2012 funds were exhausted some time ago.
  • A new, more formal broadband association will be formed by the end of this year. A stake of 2,000kr is being proposed for membership in this association.
  • This group will take up negotiations to get started with the first phase of the work next year.
There's more detail, but that's the gist of it. We probably will have to deal with our little wireless connection for one more summer!!!

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