Thursday, December 6, 2012

Island trivia

I've posted before about the brilliant @Sweden twitter account, in which a different citizen takes control of the country's official twitter feed for a week. There's been quite an array of different people tweeting about their varied lives and experiences.

This past week's curator has been an oceanographer, and he's posted a number of interesting facts and photos about sea life in the Baltic. I found this tidbit particularly interesting:

  • Sweden has almost 220,000 islands. Approximately 98,000 are in the ocean, the rest in rivers and lakes
  • Only 1085 of these islands are inhabited (as of 2008). This corresponds to only 0.5% of all Swedish islands
  • All together, islands make up only 2.6% of Sweden's total area (although their cultural importance is far greater!)
Although it's balmy here in Texas, and snowy in Sweden, I'd still rather be there today!

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