Friday, March 15, 2013

The UK Eurovision entry

The BBC has announced this year's contestant for Eurovision. Taking after last year's choice of Engelbert Humperdink, the beeb has reached into the past again. Welsh singer Bonnie Tyler will be singing "Believe In Me" in Malmö this May:

I'll admit to being disappointed. Known for belters like "Holding Out For a Hero" and "Total Eclipse Of the Heart", I'm sure Bonnie's voice is not as strong as it was in her heyday 30 years ago. But this track is insipid. I can't imagine any of the younger audience voting for this song, and older viewers (like me) will just be disappointed.

Many countries have a big selection process for their Eurovision entrants; Sweden's six-week, six-city, ten-hour extravaganza is the largest by far, but most other countries in Europe have some sort of selection show. When I lived in England, the BBC held various Saturday night contests to select the nation's entry. Now it seems that Auntie acts as if she knows best, and just announces their choice (very late in the calendar) to the befuddlement of us all.

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