Wednesday, October 9, 2013

A busy few days

Let's see if I can provide a recap on this drizzly Wednesday morning....

Sunday we arrived to the house in fine shape. I had less to carry, as the ceiling fan I had checked went missing somewhere at SAS. They were still tracing it 48 hours later, and I was losing hope of ever seeing it again.

However, my spirits were raised by meeting up with our neighbors Johan and Sofia at their newly-restored barn, just behind Olle and Annika's house. Sofia had planned to have an Oktoberfest beer tasting in the barn so I brought along a few cans of Shiner Oktoberfest as a unique treat.

Afterwards, we hurried up to Margaret and Janne's for a belated birthday dinner which was super, and we survived the dark walk home. We only heard a moose, but didn't see one.

On Monday, I installed the new outdoor lights, which look fantastic, if I say so myself. Marg and Janne came to us for an early dinner, after which I ran down to the dock to pick up my ceiling fan, which was amazingly found and delivered by SAS!

Tuesday was puttering around, I fixed the wheelbarrow among other small tasks. We also met with Lars Dahlin, a local handyman from Runmarö, to take a look at a few leaks, and to get some advice on painting the house and sealing the deck.

Today, we're going to install the fan while it's a bit damp outside, I'll put up a few photos after that's done. It's been relaxing and great fun so far!

UPDATE: All done and working perfectly! (With a bit of help from Rutger giving electrical advice over the phone, that is...) 

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Dawn Fields said...

Awesome starry night movie!!!!!!!!

Love the new lights on the small hus.