Monday, November 24, 2014

Sweden's new font

I find typefaces fascinating. The design of a font makes a huge difference in the message it conveys. I regret that my blog platform keeps me restricted to the simplest of typefaces, although I can understand the need to keep things simple across thousands of blogs and millions of readers.

Sweden recently commissioned a new typeface for its international communications. It's designed to present a uniform image to the world. The website (of which I've written before) is a very well-done portal into the country.

I've found a few articles on Sweden Sans, which look at the typeface, and the ideas behind its creation, in different ways. There's a nationalistic take, a radio interview, and info from the designers themselves.

For an overview on typography, a useful primer is at Gravitate, and I Love Typeography is good at absorbing lots of my free time.

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