Friday, March 20, 2015

New Sofa Covers

Thanks once again to an article in Dwell, I've found Bemz, a company with a brilliantly simple product.

Simply put, Bemz produces custom slip covers for IKEA couches, including discontinued models. This is a cost-effective way to renew an old sofa, or to add color at low cost.

Here is our stuga's Karlstad sofa in one of their crazy-bold patterns. Don't worry, this is just for illustrative purposes. Sooz wouldn't let me do anything like this!

Instead of the whole couch, though, it might be easy to take our footstool and make it a feature piece. For example, here it is in a funky Marimekko print.

Even a high-quality fabric like this costs only $159. Simpler colours and patterns are as low as $59. It would be easy to carry a slipcover (or two) out to the island. Changing out our footstool every so often would make a significant difference to the interior of our house. Perhaps a bright yellow during the darker months? A floral pattern for the spring? It's fun to think about.

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Anonymous said...

Is that the "Nilla Wafer" cover? I like it!