Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Lots going on...

The weather has been a bit spotty so we have spent a lot of our time indoors since Marcia & Rutger left. Olle and Annika came over for dinner on Saturday night which was fun.

I managed to get the lights installed around the big deck (a photo is on the most recent album). Sooz has been baking, foraging for edibles in the forest, and working on a new jigsaw puzzle.

The only other real job I have to do this trip is to sort out the TV antenna. With Rutger's help, I found a website which uses your phone's GPS coordinates to determine the exact location of the nearest broadcast antenna. I then found that the tree between the big house and the guest house is exactly in the way.

Rutger's solution was to cut it down! But I don't want that, so I plan to add another pole to lift the antenna above the tree. Annika is bringing me a pole this weekend, so I will give my plan a try.

We may have a line on a little boat for us to buy for the summer. We have a test drive planned for Saturday, so more on that in a few days.

The sun has just come out, so I have to dash. There'll be further blog posts in a few days, but photos get updated a couple of times a day.

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