Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Back to School!

I blogged recently about Swedish life in London. The things that most excited me were filmjölk and Scandinavian restaurants.

Sooz, however, had a much better idea. She decided to take advantage of the educational (as opposed to culinary) opportunities and study Swedish.

She has started a course at the University of Westminster to brush up her language skills. She's skipped the beginners courses and is an intermediate learner. She now has a student ID, which I think is really cool. I can now brag that I'm married to a college girl!

Who knows? I may sign up myself one day. I would, of course, have to start at the very bottom, but I'd love to be able to have even the simplest conversation in Swedish with my neighbours.

I will try to get Sooz to blog here about her experience. Stay tuned over the coming months.

UPDATE 16 Feb: Sooz has left behind a Swedish note in the comments!

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Sooz said...

Javisst! Nu pluggar jag på universitet! Min kurs är mycket trevlig,lärarinnan kommer ifrån Stockholm. De andra studenterna är mycket mer unga än mig:de har svenska flickvän eller pojkvän. Det är konstigt att vara en student igen efter så många år! Hoppas att jag ska få tala svenska lite bättre nu när jag kommer tillbaka till sverige i april.
Snälla ha tålamod med mig! :)