Sunday, February 28, 2016

Melodifestival- Gävle

Not a bad show last night in Gävle, no real stinkers, but I don't see a winner from here, either. Joining Gina Dirawi as co-host was old favourite Sara Dawn Finer. I'm really starting to like Gina, she's multi-talented!

Going through to the final was the single-named Frans and another old hand, Molly Sandén. Molly's staging was interesting, but her outfit was bizarre. Her skirt looked like to was going to be pulled off and turned into a stage prop at any moment, but it never did.

In other news, we watched the UK selection show on Friday night. It was, frankly, embarrassing. For a start, the show was on BBC4, with a C-list host. Måns performed "Heroes" at the opening, but he didn't participate at all elsewhere in the show. The production values were far worse than a Melodifestival semi-final in Gävle. And this from a country that was one of the world's first broadcasters, not to mention bringing us the Beatles and the Clash! Like I say, embarrassing.

At least the public picked the best of the acts performing that night. So, ladies and gentlemen, I give you the entry of the United Kingdom, Joe and Jake:

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