Sunday, May 15, 2016

Eurovision wrap-up

It's Sunday afternoon. I woke up just a little while ago, not getting home until almost 2AM!

Eurovision was a fantastic experience live. I have to say the most fun part were the crowds beforehand. The whole area around the Globe was packed with people of all sorts in costumes of every type. And I mean all sorts and every type!

The best part is was the atmosphere. It had a bit of a contest element to the party vibe; everyone wanted their country to win, but having a good time trumped everything.

Måns and Petra were superb hosts. The show was nearly 4 hours long, but it kept moving. Broadcasting such a complex show live to over 200 million people is an enormous challenge.

I was to the side of the stage and so got to see some of the mechanics behind the staging, and it was mightily impressive to a nerd like me.

There were lots of highlights. Justin Timberlake was great, for one. But the number by Petra and Måns outlining how to make a winning Eurovision song was outstanding:

I have a Flickr page of the day's activities. There are many more photos (perhaps too many more) on my Instagram page as well. Now back to real life...

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