Saturday, September 3, 2016

August's weather

One of the tasks I completed during our last stay was to sign up for a full-time internet account.

It wasn't easy to enter a contract, as I don't have a personnummer, but Rutger came to the rescue and signed on my behalf.

Now I can keep my Netatmo weather station running year around and keep track of the temperature (both indoor and outdoor), rainfall, and windspeed.

When I visit in a few weeks, I will add one more thermometer to the 'water house' that holds all of the plumbing to ensure it is the right temperature as well. (Olle told me he checked it once and it was way too hot. No need to over-heat anything!)

It's fun to be able to see all sorts of information about the weather conditions in real time. I can also access summaries as well.

Attached for your interest are the statistics from August just past. The month ended on a cooler and wetter note, but I can't complain as July was glorious when we were there.

Stay tuned for more weather-related observations over the year!

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