Saturday, May 6, 2017

Eurovision 2017

We're exactly a week away from the big show in Kiev. As usual, Sooz and I are hosting a viewing party. It's going to be interesting cramming a dozen people into our tiny flat, but that's part of the fun!

The hot tip is Italy, believe it or not. (The Italians last won in 1990 and have participated infrequently over the past 20 years.) Francesco Gabbani is the bookie's and critic's favourite right now:

Another hot tip is Portugal's Salvador Sobral, although it's not my style, neither the falsetto ballad, or the haircut. My gosh, what hair.

Sweden's own Robin Bengtsson is also doing well, and I have to admit this song is growing on me. Goodness knows we heard it often enough on Skärgårds radio over Easter!

And if you want a song that is both perfectly daft and yet also a possible winner, you can't do worse than Romania. Be sure to watch the whole song:

Yes, yodelling is still alive and well, at least in Eastern Europe. And that belt buckle! It's worth 12 points all by itself.

I'll share a few more as the big day approaches. I'm getting excited now.

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