Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Sooz has advised me to cut back on my comments about money. She thinks it's a bit crass to keep mentioning how much things cost, and my whining about the exchange rate is annoying. As usual, she's right, and I am trying to be careful how I come across in print.

However, I talk about money for a reason, and not just because I'm cheap. Building a house requires making lots of decisions, and unless you're Aaron Spelling, money is finite, so compromises have to be made. I'd love an hi-tech toilet and Goldfinger's fireplace, but can I afford both? Maybe I should get a bigger hot-water tank instead. That's not sexy, but a hot shower is darned nice to have.

An architect acquaintance once told me a big part of her job was to help her clients decide what it is they really wanted, so the budget could be spent on that. Every client, she said, wanted more than they could afford. There's a constant tension between what is technically possible and what is financially possible.

My goal is to write about money in a useful, but not crass way. Sooz will correct me if I stray from that path, I'm sure!!!

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