Thursday, November 1, 2007

Episode 6: Return of the Incinerating Toilet

I was careful to walk down all the rows at the Hus Expo. Sure enough, my patience was rewarded when I came across this simple little toilet display tucked into a corner. It looked very much like the Cinderella, but the instructions were in English. It was called an "Incinolet".

What was really interesting was the serial plate on the back: it was made in Dallas, about a half-hour from where I used to live! The cost was a few thousand kronor less than the Cinderella, and it was overall a little bit different, but 90% the same.

I called the Incinolet people, and sure enough, they were a bunch of friendly Texans. They make 220-volt models for export, and amazingly, I could stop by and pick one up for a third of the cost of buying the unit in Sweden.

Even if I spent a grand to import it to Stockholm, I'd still be money ahead. That takes away a lot of the cost disadvantage of the Cinderella against the Separett, but it doesn't address the electrical issues. It is something to think about, though.

But then there's the question: do I want to get into the issues of becoming a Texan toilet importer???

1 comment:

Margaret said...

Love it! I vote for becoming a Texan toilet importer - we need more adventure out on the island!
Don't forgit to hang a ten-gallon hat on the wall of the loo...maybe the boys at the company will throw one in as part of the deal!