Saturday, August 22, 2009

It's been a long day

...after a short night at Marcia and Rutger's, Wille picked me up at 6AM and we headed through the rain to Stavsnäs. (Marcia still managed to be up before me and had a cup of tea all brewed before I left. Wow.)

The big Waxholms boat had only 5 of us onboard, which was odd for August, I thought. Wille finished the garderobes and a number of other little tasks. He left at noon and I hauled trash from noon till 3. I think I took seven wheelbarrow trips in all. Man, was I tired after that; I hardly remember ever being so wiped out.

I cleaned up the little stuga in the afternoon and tomorrow will bring the remaining scrap wood down to be burned in preparation for our October visit. This evening I watched the athletics live from Berlin on my laptop, which was cool. But now it's bedtime!

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Thanx for the "shout-out" :-)