Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The new roof

As I've posted before, we need to put a permanent roof on the house before the upcoming winter. We have three layers of tarpaper but that is really intended only to last for one winter.

I had originally posted about a Finnish roof system, but after further investigation, this type of roof seems like overkill for our needs. The design and location of our house makes it very difficult to see any of the roof, so there aren't any aesthetic concerns.

The other options are a simple corrugated metal roof, or perhaps a high-tech tarpaper roof, which goes on in giant rolls and is purported to last 25 years. Each of those types have advantages and disadvantages. And finally, there's the question of who will do the work. Wille is back to Leksand pretty much permanently now, and Janne is booked up for months, if not years, to come. So we'll have to turn to Anders and Tommy, or perhaps find someone new to do the work. In any case, we have about two months to decide and get it installed, as rooftop work after November 1 is not a good idea.

So there's a lot going on regarding the roof and I'll be posting in more detail over the coming weeks.


Margaret said...

Hmmm...not really 2 months to decide as you need to secure someone who can fit it into their schedule before snow sets in....not to give you extra pressure or anything ; )

Don said...

I agree. Two months to get done, and scheduling will likely be the biggest problem...