Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Roof finances

I talked to Anders and he thought a paper roof would be a little bit less than a metal one- but still close to 70,000 kronor.

Janne and I talked tonight and he still fells that's too much. He said he could order metal roofing and have it delivered to the midsummer dock for about 13-14,000kr. If I could get the metal roof panels schlepped up to the house (perhaps by doing it myself in October), all I'd need to do is pay for a day or two's labor (at 350-400kr an hour), making the total cost–for a metal roof–around 20,000 kronor.

I like the idea of moving the roofing material myself; it keeps me involved and saves me money too. I left Jesper a message tonight to see if he'd be willing and able to do a metal roof if I provided and delivered the material, and if so, how much.

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