Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Roofing costs, Part III

I spoke last night to Jesper, a friend of Wille's who runs a Stockholm-based construction business. He was out with Wille when they came in June for the final finishing-up, so he's seen our house.

We spoke about my roofing needs and he felt strongly that roofing paper was the way to go. He called me with a quote for the job:
  • 18,000kr for the material plus transport costs. This is 125 square meters of high-quality roofing paper, which should last 20 years, plus all of the trim, metal edging, glue, etc.
  • 20,000 to 26,000 for the labor, which is 3 guys for two days, with about a half-day allocated to schlepping the big rolls of stuff. I dearly wish Grant and I could come out and provide the labor to move all the rolls, but that's the cost of being a non-resident homeowner.
So we're talking 36-44,000 kronor, which is more than I had budgeted, but is still a third less than Anders and Tommy's quote.

In fairness, their price was for a metal roof, so I really need to talk to them before I make a final decision.

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