Thursday, February 23, 2012

Electricity Usage

I just received my bi-monthly bill from Vattenfall, our electricity supplier. The December/ January usage cost me 1255 kronor, which averaged to 10.47 kilowatt hours per day.

This compared favorably to the 20.3 and 16.9 daily averages I had the past two December/Januarys. Much of that is due to the warmer winter we've had so far, but we spent a few days at the house in December 2010, which accounts for the spike, because we were pumping every radiator in the house then.

I also have the thermostat set at 9°C on the bathroom radiator this winter, which I think helps prevent overheating the area.

The Cinderella is the other big driver of electricity usage when we're at the house; it uses more juice than a radiator. I've been tracking the electricity usage closely, and I think I have enough data to make a chart comparing the last three years. It's not exactly Moneyball, but I think it's interesting.

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