Monday, February 27, 2012

Melodifestival 4 in Malmö

This was the last semi-final; next week is the selection from the "second chancers" in Nyköping, and then the whole show moves to Stockholm for the Grand Final.

There were a bunch of decent acts; I think the right ones went through. Lisa Miskovsky fulfilled the plaintive-blond-with-a-guitar slot by singing "Why Start a Fire", which was Sooz's favourite. I liked Danny Saucedo with the pumping Euro-Disco "Amazing" which had some very cool Tron-inspired costumes. (Costuming counts for a lot in Eurovision, remember). I wish I could share the performances, but SVT keeps a tight lid on any leaks.

Danny came in second last year with "In the Club" and I found a cute interview with him here.

I'm not that enthused over next week's crop. I'll have to have a careful think before the final and I'll make my prediction.

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