Sunday, April 29, 2012


Sooz leaves for the UK a week from today so we're working out the details on how we move everything from Texas to Aspö.

She's spending a week in London before going to Sweden, so she'll need to take more clothes than we usually pack for a trip to our house. The good news is that British Airways will let her check two bags from London to Stockholm. But since she's on her own, Sooz can only carry as much to our house as she can manage on the bus, and most of that will need to be groceries. She'll have to leave something behind at Marcia and Rutger's house. The supply lines can get pretty stretched!

The good news is that Marcia and Rutger plan to visit her for the weekend, so we can prevail on them to carry out a left-behind bag or two. And then Grant and I arrive later in the month; strapping boys like us can heft quite a bit onto the bus at Slussen, and back onto the boat at Stavsnäs.

At least we have our friends we can prevail upon for storage and transport. It's a bit like a Himalayan expedition in that regard.

The bigger change will be our July trip; then, it's just Sooz and I, and we will be heading direct to Aspö from Arlanda for the first time. Anything we take to the airport in Texas will be our responsibility on the plane to London, the plane to Stockholm, the bus into town, the bus to Stavsnäs, the boat to Aspö, and the walk through the woods to our house! So we'll be traveling light in July, that's for sure.


Anonymous said...

How much more do you have to carry out, other than food? You don't want to weigh the house down : )

Don said...

A couple of power tools, a rug, a cushion, lots of bits and bobs... for a start!

Don said...
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