Friday, April 6, 2012

Tiny Houses

I found an interesting builder of very small houses: Tumbleweed Tiny Houses. They specialise in homes under 300 square feet (28 square meters), with one model as small as 65 sq. ft., or only 6 square meters!! The Tumbleweed people are part of a movement towards smaller houses that are less impactful on the environment, and help promote less materialistic lifestyles, among other benefits.

Our home on Aspö is huge by comparison, about 670 sq. ft. (62 m2). Plus we have the little house which is about 220 sq. ft. (20 m2), and now the shed! So we have, comparatively speaking, lots of space.

I do remain surprised at how much we're able to pack into our little house, however. We have everything we need, and plenty of room leftover. I think this is partly because we started fresh with a bare rock, and absolutely every single thing had to be carried in, and partly because we spend only a month or so at the house every year. But still, we're able to live quite comfortably and (if I may say) stylishly in a house that's maybe a quarter the size of the average home in the US. This efficiency of space, and of lifestyle, does give food for thought...

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