Monday, June 18, 2012

Cross-Laminated Wood

The New York Times published an article about a new technique for building with wood, the cross-laminated timber panel.

I can understand why this might not quicken the reader's pulse, but the interesting thing about using these types of engineered wood is that it allows the building of a wooden skyscraper. Imagine that- a 9 story building made completely out of wood! Now that's cool.

Our house is made out of glue-laminated wood, and its beams are very strong. Some of its timbers are over 13 meters (40 feet) long. It wouldn't be possible to build a house like ours with ordinary wood.

But the beams in our house are laminated only in layers, so their strength is in one direction. Cross-laminated timber is strong in multiple dimensions. It is also, amazingly enough, more fire resistant than steel. It may also be a great way to use billions of trees that have died in North America due to a beetle infestation.

I know we won't see any multi-story buildings in the archipelago; but it is fun to see the technology used to build our little house scaled up to make huge buildings.



Nice concept. We have laminated beams in our modular home. Very sturdy. I build garden and memorial crosses out of wood and check it out.
Thanks for the pictures and sharing the laminated wood. IT IS AWESOME.

CLT said...

True. Cross Laminated Timber or CLT is the green choice for schools, health care facilities, public buildings, commercial buildings, and multi-family housing because of it's cross-layered construction, reduced carbon footprint, and ready to assemble system.