Saturday, June 23, 2012

Midsommar 2012

Today's the big midsummer holiday in Sweden. Although the weather looks pretty dodgy, with rain showers and temperatures only 13°C/55°F, there will still be the traditional pole-raising and celebrations at the island's meadow. We've been on Aspö the past three midsummers to celebrate the holiday- and my birthday, of course!

We've changed our travel plans this year to go to Aspö later in the summer, to escape the Texas heat for one reason, and to link up with Ann and Dave for another.

Making this change is, I think, the right idea, but I will miss the big holiday celebrations with my friends and neighbors, though.

I've also found an excellent little video from which gives a perfect précis of the Swedish Midsummer holiday. I could swear that part of it was filmed on Aspö!

UPDATE: Annika sent a few photos, which are on her photoset. She said it was rainy before and after Midsommar day, but it was sunny for the festivities! Hooray!

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