Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Happy Tuesday morning!

We’re enjoying a lazy morning, so this seems an opportune time to update my readership (such as it is).

Since we had Marcia’s car, we went to the brand new ICA grocery store in Gustavsberg and loaded up the larder. I mentioned last October that we saw a new ICA being built, and it looks like it has opened pretty recently. It’s great, a nice new store that Sooz judges is twice as big. But we both miss the charm of the smaller store it replaced.

Our boat pilot from Stavsnäs was Daniel, the jazz musician we’ve had in previous summers. He told us he lives on Runmarö with his family. He has two kids, 8 and 10 years old, and they go to school on the island in a class with 9 others. It sounds live a very different life; there are cars and a few roads on Runmarö but it is also pretty isolated. When the sea ices over, the only way on and off is the twice-daily Waxholms boat. On the other hand, winter makes great skating weather; Daniel and his kids skated around Aspö just a couple months ago!

We dumped our goods at the dock and carried the first load up to the house. Everything was in shockingly good shape. Olle’s turning on the radiator took off the chill, and the house was damned neat and clean for having been left nearly half a year.

The only snag was that our wheelbarrow was flat. This is the second spring we came home to a disintegrated tire. I’m going to have to find a new type of tire! This meant I had to make a number of overland trips, and it wore me out, to be honest.

However, Sooz cooked up the ingredients I carried into a nice supper and I was re-nourished pretty quickly. I also set up our new super-whizzy Dyson fan and it made short work of making our home nice and cozy.

We slept great (as usual) and now it’s a quiet day of puttering around. Thanks to Pharrell Williams, Sooz is into Daft Punk now, so I’m entertaining her with their back catalogue on my iPod. It is great fun, but I don’t think we’ll attract the moose with French house music!

I’ve posted a few pictures, and will have more up through the week.

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