Saturday, July 27, 2013

The whirl continues

...on Friday, when we were invited to a fika by Ann-Catrin at their house in the afternoon. We were joined by Annica and Anders, as well as Ann-Catrin's mother, who is about to turn 91, and could probably beat me in both arm-wrestling and scrabble! Ann-Catrin made a delicious rhubarb/strawberry tart from her garden, and we had a great time in the sunshine.

Tony gave me a tip on aligning my TV antenna more accurately, so I used the compass on my iPhone to improve our reception significantly.

I finished that just in time to meet the evening boat, which carried in Marcia and Rutger, as well as their friends Chris and Claire, Ottawans who had a stopover in Sweden on their European holiday. Heroically overcoming their jetlag, we had a fantastic evening, and our renovated guest house enjoyed a rare sleepover. (And so did Chris and Claire!!)

Today, sadly, very sadly, we are preparing to take the evening boat, for a dinner in the city and then an early journey back to Texas tomorrow.

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