Sunday, July 21, 2013


Saturday night was the big wine-tasting at the midsummer meadow. Annika had helped arrange a tasting of French wines from the region of Bourgogne, led by a local resident who's a sommelier at one of Stockholm's best restaurants.

I helped set up the party tent and the benches in the afternoon. In the evening, we were joined by Ann and Dave and Janne, along with about 30 other island residents.

We started with a crémant rosé, a style with which Sooz was quite familiar, followed by a chardonnay, which I liked a lot, because it was kept in steel casks, not oak, as is popular in America and Australia. Last up was a pinot noir, a wine recently made popular by the movie "Sideways".

Naima, our sommelier, gave lots of information about each wine in Swedish, of course, but we got at least some of her talk, and she graciously spoke to us Americans afterwards to answer any questions.

After the event, music started to play, and most everyone produced their own boxes of wine for further tasting. We danced and drank well past midnight with our neighbors and friends, and it was a wonderful evening.

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