Thursday, August 15, 2013

Ceiling Fans

We have them all over our Texas house. They do a great job of keeping air moving on these muggy days. There's also one in our stuga; I blogged about it at the time, and there's even a photo of its installation on the flickr page.

Sooz thought it wasn't really necessary at the time, but we've both come to appreciate having the airflow when the sun beams in the big windows and heats the house in the summer (not to Texas levels, of course!)

This past visit, we found our bedroom becoming stuffy. The shades have to be drawn because of the constant sunshine, which reduces fresh air, even if the windows stay open. We both thought a fan would be handy both in cool and warm environments.

The room is small so we want a fan that isn't too big and looks classy. This took me back to, and a model called the Altus. It comes with a small light, a remote control, 220 volt wiring, and is available with 36-inch blades. Perfect.

We're thinking about bringing one along on our next visit this fall.

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