Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Ceiling Fan

I've planned all along to have a ceiling fan in the main room. At the moment, we have a simple IKEA lamp in that outlet. I asked Göran not to put a switch on that circuit, because I am going to work the fan by remote control. That caused a bit of confusion when Janne turned on the electricity in December and couldn't find a way to turn off that light!

Anyways, this is the fan I chose, the "Ball" model from I think it will fit the decor of the house; I like the mix of the brushed aluminum against the pine. The fan comes with an optional light, which I wanted to order, but Sooz didn't. So we compromised and I didn't order the light.

They're making me a 220 volt model (at no extra charge) and sending it to Texas; I'll bring it back from the USA on my next trip.

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Margaret said...

I've been wanting to show you the fan we bought Callan last year for his birthday, from "Ellos" post order, but they don't have it in their product list any longer. Will take a photo at his place and send it'd love it; it is similar to yours but a bit rounder blades and very like a propeller...and no lamp ha ha