Monday, January 20, 2014

A visit from Wille

I've neglected to report on a visit to our little house by our very own Wille in late November.

When I spoke to Lars Dahlin on my last visit, we reviewed the water leaks around a couple of windows around the house. He suggested I call Willie as he thought they were pretty bad.

I did, and sent him a few photos. He called Stefan at X-House and they agreed it needed to be looked at. Stefan gave Willie a few supplies and suggestions and he went out to our house to seal the windows (and door) at the front of the house.

He texted me these 4 photos of his handiwork. Willie did say he will probably come back in the summer with his tool box and we will look more closely.

It's likely I will be out at Aspö more this summer, so it would be good (and educational) for me to work together with him on addressing any other leaks!

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