Sunday, February 23, 2014

Melodifestival: Örnsköldsvik

Another so-so contest last night, this time from Örnsköldsvik. Don't get me wrong, nothing against the nice people from Örnsköldsvik, they put on a good show. It's just that none of the acts were that inspiring yet again.

The two acts that went through to the final were those Eurodisco warhorses, Alcazar, participating for the fifth time, and Anton Ewald, whom my mother thought looked to be "about 12 years old", although he is actually 20, and a Melodifestival veteran as well.

The second chance acts were a young girl who looked way out of her depth and an generic hard-rock band. To me, there's not been any kind of a standout act this year. I can't fault the production or the staging; SVT has done a super job as usual. However, I can't really say any of the finalists so far have a chance at winning at Eurovision.

A Swedish friend has told me that voting is down quite a bit this year, and I can see why. I wonder if the contest needs to be revamped for next year? Perhaps a refocus on quality over quantity? Of course, I'm not the target audience, that's for sure!

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