Thursday, February 27, 2014

A prefab cabin in Norway

The fine folks at Dwell have an article on a little jewel of a Scandinavian prefab home.

The 'Woody' is quite a bit smaller than our house, only 35 square meters. It is designed to be a true cabin, not a second home. For example, the shower is outdoors, which is traditional for a summer home. It also reduces space (and water) usage.

In such small homes, things with more than one purpose are valued. For example, Margaret and Janne's Aspö house had a cutting board that hinged up during meal preparation. It was out of the way the 95% of time it wasn't needed, but was up in a heartbeat when it was.

I am looking at doing something like that in our own kitchen; more to come on that as I develop ideas!

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