Thursday, May 22, 2014

Mackmyra Whiskey

I'm not a whiskey drinker. However, it's not uncommon to end a meal out on Aspö with a little taste of spirits. Having access to (relatively) cheap Scotch at Heathrow duty-free has made it easy for us to bring over a few interesting bottles, either as gifts, or for serving ourselves.

I had heard of Mackmyra, a locally-made Swedish whiskey which was apparently well-regarded by those in the know. It was available at the Systembolaget, although at quite a high price. Not really being a spirit drinker, I always passed it by, preferring to spend my kronor on my beloved Pripps, or perhaps a nice box of wine.

Earlier this year, I decided to see if Mackmyra was available in the USA. It was, but hard to find. Being a Texas resident, mail order wasn't possible. My local vendors weren't able (or, I think, willing) to order me just one bottle.

A Scandinavian connection came to the rescue. I found a store in Minneapolis, close to my family, which had it on their shelves. My sister picked me up a bottle, so now I can say I'm a Mackmyra drinker. (I did the math, and the cost to me in Minnesota was exactly half the cost in Sweden.)

Sooz likes it quite a lot; she's much more of an expert than I am. I've had a few sips in the evening, and it's growing on me.

I might be a bad luck charm for the company, though. Not long after I obtained my bottle, the distillery announced losses, and a retrenching of their business. It appears they'll be focused on their home markets, with no more sales in the USA.

My sister got me another bottle before they disappeared. If I do acquire a taste, I'll have to pay Swedish prices!

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