Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The first semi-final is over

Thankfully, Sanna Nielsen and Sweden made it through to the final, as did Aram from Armenia, so the favorites survived.

Rounding out the ten were Montenegro, a hunky guy from Hungary, Russian twins (whose selection was roundly booed for what I assume political reasons), Ukraine (who featured a guy on a hamster wheel and were roundly cheered for perhaps the same reasons), Azerbaijan, plucky little San Marino, the Netherlands (with an odd California-country rock duo), and a bunch of colorful dudes from Iceland.

Even better was that Marcia and Camille were also watching from Stockholm so we were able to keep up a text chat in real time. Perfect.

It was a textbook broadcast: lots of charmingly stilted banter from the three hosts, hokey little interstitial videos, and a bizarre intermission dance number. Very well done, Copenhagen!

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