Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Deck Lights

I've posted a few times in the past about installing embedded LED lights into our deck. They are very slick-looking, and I recommend them highly. This night shot shows them off pretty well.

I bought them from Aurora Deck Lighting in Wisconsin. Besides their fantastic customer service, the best  thing about their light kits is that they're dual-voltage. I can buy in the US and use it in Texas or Sweden.

I did have one snag, though. After just 18 months, the transformer blew out. They promptly sent me a new one and all was well again. Then, during our recent stay in October, the other part of the system, the remote on/off switch, failed on me.

I was promptly sent a new part, and I'll install it in the spring. One nice thing is that the new model remote can also dim the lights, instead of simply on/off. I love my light dimmers!

In summary, I love the lights, and I'm getting great service from the Aurora light people. The only snag is that both parts of the system have failed on me within two years. I know I've installed them properly, and the company is based in Wisconsin, which is at least as cold as Aspö. That leaves the 220/110 volt issue as a cause of the failures. Of course, maybe I've just been unlucky, and there isn't any underlying cause to be found. We'll see next year!

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