Wednesday, July 8, 2015


Monday was rainy, which was expected, but still a bummer after the gorgeous past few days. We decided to experiment by taking a Uber ride from Marcia & Rutger's all the way to Mölnvik for our shopping. It was a heck of a lot more convenient and quicker than the walk/train/tube/bus connection, although a bit pricey at 700 kronor. Still, I'd have no problem doing that again if needed.

Because of the speedy ride, we were able to shop at our leisure for a change, and Sooz replaced all of our spoiled frozen goods. Our bus ride to Stavsnäs was heavily-laden but uneventful.

There's been development at Stavsnäs harbour which makes a wait there much more pleasent. A nice pizzeria opened last year, with a bar as well, so it's easy to enjoy a beer on a sunny day. Even more exciting is this year's opening of Sytrarna Delselius, a branch of the famous and delicious bakery/deli in Värmdö. There's now an ice cream shop next door, too!

It was good we had these options, because the skies opened after we got off the bus. Fortunately, the rain stopped just as we got on our boat, and our walk home from the dock was a little wet, although it could've been far worse.

Yesterday was mixed cloudy and sunny. I was able to fix our ceiling fan with a bit of inventive thinking (and a spare part from Jula). I was quite proud of that! We also contacted our insurance company regarding the loss of all our food. Sooz completed the reports; she took pictures of all the spoiled stuff. We helped Olle and Annika take down a big branch near their house and Olle lent me his big gas trimmer to clear the path by our house. His made my electric trimmer look like a toothbrush!

It's rainy today so we're relaxing and doing indoor projects. It looks like the weather will gradually improve over the coming days, so we should be able to start painting the little house soon. A bunch of fun things are planned over the coming weeks, so stay tuned for more updates.

Also the July photo page is updated on a regular basis, so take a look!

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