Thursday, July 23, 2015

Hello from Arlanda

It's early Thursday morning. We are at the airport, waiting for our flight to London.

Yesterday was a fun, if long, day. We took the afternoon boat to Saltsjöbaden, which gave us lots of time to relax and tidy up the stuga at our own pace. As usual, we had over-shopped at the grocery and had lots of leftovers for Olle and Annika!

The Saltis boat was nice, we've taken it a few times before. It was different this time around, as we'd been over part of the route in our own boat! That gave us a different perspective.

The big difference for us was connecting to a Stockholm boat at Saltsjöbaden. That was an hour's trip through a whole bunch of beautiful areas. Even the weather cooperated, becoming clearer through the day. The trip ended in the city centre at Gamla Stan, just under 4 hours door-to-door. Very civilised, indeed!

We walked through the city, had an ice cream, and caught the train to Marcia and Rutger's house. Only Camille was home, but she was an excellent hostess. I took advantage of their super-fast internet to upload 56 more photos and movies to the Flickr page.

Now it's time to board for the first leg of the long trip onward to Texas. I see it will be over 100° (40°C) there today. I wouldn't mind some heat, but maybe not that much heat!!!

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