Friday, August 24, 2007


I have avoided keeping a general blog because I have a wide range of interests (perhaps too wide), and I foresaw myself blogging obsessively about English football, giant squids, flux capacitors, bridge inspections, iPod rumours, etc.

Focusing on our house is a good way to keep it under control for both me and you. But I still have a jones to write about random things, so here's my solution. I will make a list of topics that strike my fancy on the left of this blog. If any topic generates interest enough from the readership through the comments, I'll make a post on it. If not, my itch will have been scratched and little time will have been wasted for all of us.

How's that?


mamacita said...

Flux capacitors-"Back to the Future"

Margaret said...

I want to read ALL of your wacky and wise thoughts!

Headed out to Aspo, where apparently we FINALLY have an internet connection!

Don said...

Here's the best post on that topic: